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This is the official blog of EBM Technologies and McA Computer Services. Business software specialists sharing their thoughts, ideas and industry-insights.

Sage Evolution ERP was launched in 2004 and EBM Technologies was subsequently formed to specialise in the ERP solution and have since achieved the status of 8 Times Sage Evolution Business Partner of the Year (Western Cape). EBM is a Super Platinum Business Partner for Sage Evolution ERP and provides professionally delivered value added services to ensure that you get most out your ERP investments.

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McA Computer Services was formed in 1990 and specialises in Sage Pastel Partner Accounting software, to provide business owners with cost-effective software solutions for overall improved enterprise resource planning.

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Is it time to embrace the change?

Is it time to embrace the change?

We all know that the only constant in life is change, however when...

access_time 10:08AM 30 November 2015

The power of systems.

The power of systems.

Systematic business practices have been improving productivity for generations. Innovative minds have been...

access_time 02:02PM 04 November 2015

Why you need a mobile CRM strategy

Why you need a mobile CRM strategy

The rapid growth of the mobile work force, continues to increase the demand...

access_time 02:02PM 02 September 2015

Implementing a Mobile CRM Strategy with Apple and Sage Evolution

Implementing a Mobile CRM Strategy with …

In 2013 Sage Evolution released a ground-breaking new app called Evolution Mobile. A...

access_time 02:01PM 15 April 2015

Paradigm Software

McA and EBM are specialists in Paradigm Software, an operational software application that extends the functionality of Sage Evolution ERP.

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Sage Pastel Accounting & ERP

McA and EBM are award-winning value added resellers for both Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP software.

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