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John Volkwyn

John Volkwyn

John has assisted a number of businesses to implement Sage Evolution ERP and is currently the Marketing and Support Manager at McA Computer Services.

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The power of systems.

Systematic business practices have been improving productivity for generations. Innovative minds have been coming up with new ways to maximise efficiency since the invention of the abacus. In today's modern business environment it is vital to be able to track key performance indicators (KPI) with a comprehensive system that will streamline workflow. Here are the top 7 reasons why systems are key in assisting entrepreneurs, managers and eam members to grow their companies and assist with personal growth.

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Paradigm Software

McA and EBM are specialists in Paradigm Software, an operational software application that extends the functionality of Sage Evolution ERP.

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Sage Pastel Accounting & ERP

McA and EBM are award-winning value added resellers for both Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP software.

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