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Is it time to embrace the change?

We all know that the only constant in life is change, however when it comes to our businesses we tend to avoid it. Doing things the way they have always been done may seem reliable, however, being stuck in a certain frame of thinking can often be a bigger risk than moving with the times.

Hand in hand with change comes growth. Not necessarily to say that the business or organisation becomes bigger in terms of number of employees and turnover; but in terms of what it offers new and existing customers.

The following five points are indicators that your business is getting growing pains and that it might be time for some change.

The power of systems.

Systematic business practices have been improving productivity for generations. Innovative minds have been coming up with new ways to maximise efficiency since the invention of the abacus. In today's modern business environment it is vital to be able to track key performance indicators (KPI) with a comprehensive system that will streamline workflow. Here are the top 7 reasons why systems are key in assisting entrepreneurs, managers and eam members to grow their companies and assist with personal growth.

Why you need a mobile CRM strategy

The rapid growth of the mobile work force, continues to increase the demand for mobile customer relationship management (CRM) applications. It is particularly evident in service and sales environments where remote workers require flexible software solutions to easily access customer information in an effort to streamline business processes.

Implementing a Mobile CRM Strategy with Apple and Sage Evolution

In 2013 Sage Evolution released a ground-breaking new app called Evolution Mobile. A mobile CRM application that provides your sales reps with a flexible solution to streamline sales processes. The app harnesses the power of advanced enterprise resource planning by seamlessly integrating with Sage Evolution ERP.

Paradigm Software

McA and EBM are specialists in Paradigm Software, an operational software application that extends the functionality of Sage Evolution ERP.

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Sage Pastel Accounting & ERP

McA and EBM are award-winning value added resellers for both Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP software.

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