Implementing a Mobile CRM Strategy with Apple and Sage Evolution

In 2013 Sage Evolution released a ground-breaking new app called Evolution Mobile. A mobile CRM application that provides your sales reps with a flexible solution to streamline sales processes. The app harnesses the power of advanced enterprise resource planning by seamlessly integrating with Sage Evolution ERP.

Evolution Mobile is the ultimate sales enablement tool that gives your sales team customised dashboards to instantly access pertinent customer information and inventory details. The rep can view inventory item quantities and prices, allowing them to create on-the-spot quotations, take instant orders and close deals by having the customer sign the mobile device. This new method of sales automation will dramatically improve your cash flow through increased sales, improved productivity and a reduction in the sales cycle time.

Evolution Mobile is an easy to use application which can be rapidly deployed. Here’s two suggestions to successfully implement a mobile CRM strategy.

1 First get internal buy-in
Before you implement a mobile CRM application, one of the most important factors is to have the full support and internal buy-in from your sales force. The success of the implementation will be determined by the people who it impacts, if your sales team do not fully support the project, they won’t use the technology to its full potential. Ask your sales team what functionality they need to streamline their daily processes and use their input to choose the right solution for your organisation.

2 Provide the device
Why? Because people love getting things for free! And you also ensure that all your staff have a mobile device which is fully compatible with the CRM application you choose. Providing the best device to use the software is a great way to get your sales force to adopt the new mobile CRM strategy.

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