Why you need a mobile CRM strategy

The rapid growth of the mobile work force, continues to increase the demand for mobile customer relationship management (CRM) applications. It is particularly evident in service and sales environments where remote workers require flexible software solutions to easily access customer information in an effort to streamline business processes.

The mobile CRM market has grown exponentially with a recent study showing that by 2014, the number of mobile CRM apps available for download will have grown to 1200 from 200 in 2012, a 500% increase.

If you haven’t yet considered a mobile CRM strategy for your business, perhaps you should? Why?

1 Improved Customer Experience
In the information age we as a society not only expect but often demand that data be made available to us when and where we need it. It is these expectations which make mobile CRM applications such a powerful tool for improving the overall customer experience by easily accessing pertinent information and providing clients with real time responses while out in the field.

2 Improved Productivity
Salespeople who don’t have the ability to capture information on the go are often forced to first return to the office to capture data and assign further instructions or tasks to a colleague. With Mobile CRM, reps can now submit orders whilst still sitting with the client, instead of delaying the process until they return to the office. For many companies, placing the order days or even hours earlier can have a major effect in planning and production.

3 Increased Sales Values
Mobile CRM gives reps the ability to upsell and secure repeat purchases by having access to all clients account details, purchase history, product information, price lists and current promotions.

4 Increased Cash Flow
Achieve a shortened sales cycle by reducing the time between service delivery and billing. Reps can now process orders immediately after service delivery and have invoices sent directly to the client for payment.

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