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Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

Ross is on the product team at Paradigm Software, building a productivity driven software application that provides businesses with instant visibility of all outstanding tasks. Paradigm allows teams to collaborate on projects and tasks easily and efficiently.

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Implementing a Mobile CRM Strategy with Apple and Sage Evolution

In 2013 Sage Evolution released a ground-breaking new app called Evolution Mobile. A mobile CRM application that provides your sales reps with a flexible solution to streamline sales processes. The app harnesses the power of advanced enterprise resource planning by seamlessly integrating with Sage Evolution ERP.

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Paradigm Software

McA and EBM are specialists in Paradigm Software, an operational software application that extends the functionality of Sage Evolution ERP.

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Sage Pastel Accounting & ERP

McA and EBM are award-winning value added resellers for both Sage Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP software.

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